What is it?

An Indoor Regatta is a race on indoor rowing machines called ergometers (ergs).  The Atlanta Erg Sprints uses brand new Concept 2 Model D ergs.  Erg monitors display the time and distance you have rowed, and the speed and pace you are rowing at.  The ergs are lined up side by side and are all synced to a centralized timing system through the ergs monitors.  All the ergs are set to 2000 meters (except special category races which are 1000 meter and 500 meter races).  Everyone starts at the same time and it is a race to finish the 2000 meters first!  Everyone will finish the race (just like an outdoor regatta or a running race) but at different times.  

The erg monitor will tell you when to start as each erg is synced to a centralized timing system.  The system is also synced to TV screens which also indicate the start of the sprint.  Each erg is represented as a graphic of a boat on the TV screen.  The athletes name is next to the boat and as the athlete moves, the boat moves on the TV Screen giving spectators an indication of the top performers.  

The erg monitor also tells you which place you are currently in as you can't see you competition ahead or behind you like in an outdoor regatta or a running race.  It will also tell you how many seconds you are ahead of the next person by.  

More Specifics about the Atlanta Erg Sprints
  • There are different events an athlete can row in.  These events are divided by age, experience, weight, or position on a team.
  • Each competitor only races once per event, but there are only 30 ergs total.  This means that there is usually more than one flight per event.  The fastest time out of all the flights will win that category.  For example, the Junior Men event might have 80 competitors (4 flights of 20).  The three fastest times from all four flights will win the first, second and third place medals.  Competitors will be seeded, based upon erg scores submitted at registration.  However, if you are a legitimate contender for a medal, do not assume that the people in your row are necessarily the fastest people in your event.  Row your hardest, best piece, no matter what. The best time overall will win each event.
  • Competitors may race in more than one event. Coaches can compete in the Open Events, and the 500 meter dash. Many people row in their own event, and then in the Team Relay.

Which event should I race in?

Event definitions are explained under General Information.  A few events (age, junior and lightweight events for examples) have restrictions.  You decide which event to race in.  

Should I weigh in on race day?

You should weigh in if you are

  1. Participating in the Atlanta Erg Sprints Lightweight event
  2. Racing in any other event, but would like your time applied to the qualifying lightweight times for WRIC.  If you are in this second category, be sure the race director knows that you would like to apply your time to a qualifying lightweight times for WRIC.
Coxswains do not have to weigh in.  Weigh-in information can be found under "Race Day Information" under General Information.

What time is my race?

Every year, the race schedule is set based on the number of entries.  After entries close, a final schedule will be created and posted on the Schedule page.  Last year's schedule is currently posted.  Times should not shift more than 30-45 minutes from year to year.  However, everything is based on registration and an exact schedule will be posted a few days before the race. 

Can I register for two events?

Yes, an individual may register for a 2K race, then enter in one sprint (1000m or 500m dash) for free. 

The sprint race is only free IF an individual is already registered for another 2K event. 

  • After registering for your first race, Contact Us to add yourself to one sprint race at no charge. Email the name you registered with and the exact event name (include men's or women's) you would like to enter as your second race.
  • If the second race is not a sprint race (1000m or 500m dash) than you will be charged another registration fee. Your can register for two 2K events (and pay two registration fees) through the normal registration process.
  • If you decide to join a sprint race on race day, the sprint race will still be free if you registered and paid for another race. However, it will be subject to erg availability.  Please see the FAQ “Can I register on race day?”. 

Can I register for three or more events?

Although it is very uncommon to pull more than one 2K and one sprint race (500m or 1000m) at the Atlanta Erg Sprints, you may register for three or more events.  However, only one sprint race is free if an individual is already registered for another 2K event.  If you want to register for two additional sprint races, or a second 2K event, than multiple registration fees will be charged.

Can I register on race day?

On-line registration closes at 11:59 on the Tuesday before the event.   Registration on race day is subject to erg availability.  In other words, if there is an empty erg in the race you’d like to compete in, then you can enter that race.

  • Race day entries (if there is an erg available) will be charged the late fee unless an individual is adding a sprint race (1000m or 500m) to a 2K race he/she has already registered and paid for.
  • No entries will be taken on race day without a paper waiver.  Waivers will be available at the registration table.

Are there warm up ergs?

Yes, there are approximately 20 warm up ergs and exactly 30 race ergs. 

Can CrossFit Boxes Compete?

Absolutely!  Check out our CrossFit Affiliates page

TEAM FAQ: Can my group qualify for the team cap?

The team cap will be applied to your group if there is a team captain registering everyone at once.  If individuals register, but put the same team name, the team cap will not apply.  

TEAM FAQ: How do multiple coaches register their teams in Ronin and only pay one team cap fee?

We have partnered with RoninRegistration for the whole registration process. You can register your entire team (up to 125 people) in one sitting. Registration, waivers and payment is now a one step process through RoninRegistration. If parts of your team are registering separately, but only paying one team cap fee, then Coaches and Team representatives will need to register under the same name AND email address to ensure they are charged only one team cap fee. Coaches and Team Representatives can register all entries within 48 hours and Ronin will bundle them up and charge them appropriately.

TEAM FAQ: Can I add rowers to my team registration on race day?

Yes, however, please note the following rules:

  • Yes, but all day of entries are only taken with a paper waiver, even if you are registered with USRowing or with Ronin.  Waivers will be available at the registration table. ***NOTE that junior participants need a parent signature on the waiver.
  • All race day entries are subject to erg availability.  In other words, if there is an empty erg in the race you’d like to add a rower to, then they can enter that race.
  • If your team did not qualify for the team cap, a late payment will be issued.

TEAM FAQ: Who can help our team earn points for the Team Points award?

Anyone who is registered under your team registration, in any event, can earn points for your team. 

  • Every race can earn points toward team points.  Be sure to register for team relays to earn team points.  Coaches might want to enter the 500m dash and parents might want to train for an event in order to earn team points.

Why is there not an event category at the Atlanta Erg Sprints that is at WRIC?

WRIC is a very large indoor regatta.  It draws enough competitors to hold many event categories.  In the interest of your time and in the spirit of competition, the Atlanta Erg Sprints has restricted some event categories.  This way, the event can be over by 6pm and everyone has competition to pull against.  As the Atlanta Erg Sprints grows, event categories have been added as there became a demand for those event categories.  

However, your time can be applied to a 
WRIC event that the Atlanta Erg Sprints does not have.  An example of this would be the junior lightweight event.  Simply Contact Us if you would like a time applied to a different event than the Atlanta Erg Sprints offers.  If the event is at the Atlanta Erg Sprints, you must race in that event to have your time compared with the WRIC qualifying time.

Will my time in an age category event be applied to the more specific age category qualifying time for WRIC?

Yes. Although the Atlanta Erg Sprints has 10 year age categories, your time will be applied to the exact qualifying time for your age.   

Is there a handicap?

No. Since WRIC does not work with handicaps, the Atlanta Erg Sprints does not either.

Can my time be applied for a medal in a different event category?

In other words, can I race in the lightweight event, but my time be applied to the open event?

NO. If you want to be a contender for a medal in a certain event, you must race in that event.  If the event is at the Atlanta Erg Sprints, you must race in that event to have your time compared with the WRIC qualifying time.

For the team point competition, what is the definition of a "team"

Teams are qualified to participate in the team point competition if 10 or more rowers are registered with the same affiliation prior to race day.  That affiliation will be a team in the team point competition.  Known junior teams will be put in the Junior Team Point category.  All other teams will be in the Open Team Point category. For more information, visit the Results - Team Points webpage. 

Can I wear headphones during my race?

Yes absolutely! Just make sure you look to your monitor for starting instructions.

Can I plug my heart rate monitor into the erg?

Sorry, no. We ask that nothing be plugged into the monitors since the plugs are used to link one machine to the other for interactive racing.

Can I use my Concept2 LogCard?

Sorry, no. Results will promptly be posted on both Ronin and the Atlanta Erg Sprints website.

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