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CrossFit Affiliates

CrossFit Affiliate Owners & Members - this event is open to you too! 

We know that rowing plays a large part in the CrossFit WODs and this is your chance to test out your strength and power next to some real rowers. Concept 2 machines are present in every CrossFit gym - so why not come to our indoor regatta and see what happens. 

Below you'll find more information about our event that you can copy and paste on your own website. We hope to see you there!

The Atlanta Erg Sprints uses brand new Concept 2 Model D ergs (rowing machines/ergometers). The ergs are lined up side by side and are all synched to a centralized timing system through the monitors. All the ergs are set to 2000 meters (except special category races which are 1000 meter and 500 meter races). Everyone starts at the same time and it is a race to the finish! 
  • There are different events an athlete can row in. These events are divided by age, experience, weight, or position on a team.
  • Each competitor races only once per event, but there are only 20 ergs total. This means that there is usually more than one flight per event. The fastest time out of all the flights will win that category. So do not assume that the people in your flight are necessarily the fastest people in your event. Row your hardest, best piece, no matter what. 
  • Competitors may race in more than one event. We suggest choosing a 2000 meter event and following it up with a 500 or 1000 meter dash and perhaps even a team relay (find 3 friends to join you).
Enter in any of the following events, all races are 2000 meters unless otherwise noted: 
  • Open: no restrictions 
  • Masters Age groups: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and up 
  • Junior events (under age 18)
  • 500 meter dash: no restrictions 
  • 1000 meter dash: no restrictions 
  • Lightweight: Men-165 lbs max, Women-135 lbs max 
  • Novice: defined as a rower who has never raced on the water or at an indoor regatta.
  • Coxswain events (1000 meter race) 
  • Team Relay: 2 female, 2 male - each race 500 meters 
We hope you'll consider joining us and helping us to make the Atlanta Erg Sprints open to all fans of the rowing machine!