Any GT Crew Alum, friend or parent can volunteer to help with the operations of the Atlanta Erg Sprints. Give back by helping out during our big event!
  • Contact Us if you would like to volunteer.
  • Members of GT Crew are required to help with set up and take down. If you have questions about your responsibilities, please speak with the team representative.
Pre-Event Planning
Can't attend on race day to help? We need help planning too!
  • Selling ergs
  • Outreach (social media, email)
  • Sponsorship (finding advertisers or vendors)
  • Posters/Signs (design, printing)
  • T-Shirt Design
Set-up on Friday evening: 6pm
Georgia Tech Crew team: 
  • set up ergs
  • relocate bleachers
  • set up barriers around ergs & computer tables
  • relocate GT ergs to be warm up ergs
  • Team President will have a checklist, check in with them.
  • General set up (table locations)
  • Computer set up, racing system & erg connections
  • Computer set up, registration & results
  • Speaker set up
  • Erg set up (oversee)
  • Erg numbering & assignment
  • Hang posters
  • Move mats over cables
  • Determine weigh-in location & details, perform actual weigh-ins
Race Day Saturday:
  • Run the race system
  • Prepare upcoming races
  • Run seeds & align races & schedule
  • Run information between tables
  • Registration: additions/scratches
  • Registration: waivers/payments
  • Weigh-ins
  • Result Processing
  • Result posting (Crash-B qualifiers, hammer awards, team point calculations)
  • T-shirt sales
  • Event Doctor (or can contact a willing volunteer)
Can you provide any of these items?
  • Projector suitable for lighted rooms
  • Projector Screen
  • Large Flat Screen TVs with VGA outlet
  • PA system with 1/8 input jack (for computer) and microphone