Revision: 2/16/2024 10:03 EST

Check again on race day for any changes which will also be posted here.

The schedule and erg seat assignments will be posted at the site and will be available for all participants. All times are subject to slight changes on race day. Please arrive at least 1 HOUR before your scheduled race time. This will allow you to check-in and get warmed-up before your race. 

Visit the General Information page and the Race Day Information section for information on check-in, weigh-ins, race day entries, and erg assignments.  

Purchased ergs can be picked up after the final race and no earlier. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2024 Atlanta Erg Sprints Schedule

Races are held every 15 minutes, check the times carefully.
Each flight will have 26 ergs available to race on.
There will be 26 warm-up ergs.
Please note times MAY CHANGE slightly on race day.
Please be present at least 1-hour before your scheduled race time.